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How I Silenced the Negative Voices in my Head (Inner Critic) & You Can Too!

November 6, 2019
Silence your inner critic

How much do you love yourself?

I recently had an encounter with the Biggest Bully I’ve Ever Met!

I looked them straight in the eye and it was all I could do to not cry. There was no love there. It was pure disgust, hatred, and embarrassment, and they let me know it!

  • “I am so embarrassed by you.”
  • “You are worthless- why do you even try to fit in?”
  • “Who are you to lead anyone?”
  • “You’ll never look good in those pants, you’re too fat.”
  • “You are just not good enough to attempt writing a book, so don’t!”
  • “Your kids are embarrassed by you. You’re such a failure.”

This bully was relentless. They’d steal food from me, &make me starve trying to “help” me like my body more.

They’d attack at the worst times and I always felt on edge when they’d come around.

They made me feel so horrible. ALL. THE. TIME.

I would hear their voice when I closed my eyes at night.

When I looked in the mirror.

When I tried to do something good for someone else and it backfired.

It would never let up.

I hated this bully. I wanted to hurt them, to silence them, to kick them where it hurt.

But I couldn’t, because this bully was me.

I have always been and will always be my very own worst critic.

Do you have an inner critic that you struggle with too?

We’re told to stand up to bullies at school. We’re warned to be courageous and to protect ourselves from murderers and “bad people,” but how many of us are taught how to withstand and silence our own inner critic?

If you are anything like the former version of myself, you probably want to silence the critic, but don’t know how…

Instead, you simply get used to the endless torment and pain. You expect it, and you believe the lies it feeds into you like an iv on your death bed.

Well friends, I am happy to tell you that I have not only learned how to detect when that inner critic is rampant, but also how to silence it!

I have found that not only do we have a mean bully inside, but we also have an inner cheerleader just waiting to get the limelight on the stage of our minds.

Learning how to do this is simple. In fact, you can do it quickly and easily within minutes a day! It’s a skill set, just like learning how to brush your teeth or put on your pants…

I wish it was taught in schools around the world, but it’s not.

So, my husband and I have determined to teach it to the MOST IMPORTANT teachers any child will have, their MOTHERS!

When you teach a mother to love and empower herself, you transform an entire generation!

If you are ready to silence your inner critic and awaken your cheerleader, we will be running a 21-Day Challenge starting November 15th, that will help you do just that!

You can check it out here:21 Day Challenge

And don’t worry, we will be respectful of your time and energy… we know the holidays are coming up and that you”ll have a lot to juggle… but ask yourself:

Wouldn’t giving myself and my family the gift of self-love and empowerment be THE BEST GIFT I COULD EVER GIVE/RECEIVE? YES. YES, MY FRIEND, IT IS!
And for those of you that are feeling a little upset that I didn’t reveal all the answers here, don’t worry… I’m not going to leave you hanging.

Something tangible but life changing that you can do right now in a matter of seconds is:

  1. Take a dry erase marker and go to the bathroom or mirror that you use the most
  3. Read it out loud every single time you look in the mirror for as long as it takes for you to believe it.

Sound too simple?

Well, I was always taught that sometimes the simplest of things are the most transformative. Just give it a try.  You might be surprised at how it makes you feel and how it gives you a little shot of confidence on the daily.

There are a lot more little tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you silence your inner critic or the negative voices in your mind, and to awaken your inner cheerleader. If you want to read more, here is a great article: How to Love Yourself in 5 Simple Steps

I’ve also written an entire book with tips and tricks to help you with your mindset and bring you more joy.  It’s called, The 10-Minute Refresh for Moms: Less Stress, More Joy and You Can Find it Here  If you are not the reading type, you can get the main takeaways in a new FREE 10-Day video series Here

We’d love to share more with you & give you accountability (because let’s face it, sometimes having someone to check in with is great motivation!)… act soon so you can join the challenge with other like-minded people interested in improving their self-image! Click Here

Remember, investing in YOU are the best investment you can make!

What does your inner critic say to you? Want to silence it or at least shut it up every once in a while?  Join us Here

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