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Are Your Thoughts Making You Fat?

September 25, 2018

Your Thoughts Could be Keeping Your From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals- Find out How Here....

We have been programmed to belief that certain foods are good for us and others are harmful and can make us fat, but what if that was a LIE? Wouldn't it be great if we could eat donuts and enjoy french fries without the guilt? Well, we can.. click here to find out why!


What are Your Thoughts About Food?

What if you could eat when you want and what you want and stay the perfect size, shape and figure? What if it didn’t matter what the nutritional facts or food labels told you about calories and nutrients, but what you thought and felt about the food—your relationship with food—was what really had the ultimate effect on the health and appearance of your body?

Psychologist and neuroscientist Rachel Herz teaches: “There is a fair bit of research that shows that the calories in the food are not what’s driving our feelings of fullness, satisfaction and hunger. It’s what we think about the food. When we think a food has more calories — whether it does or doesn’t — it makes us feel more satiated and we eat less of it. We tend to also have a more intense metabolic physiologic response to it. The same thing goes for food that we think has low calories. In that case, our metabolism can stall.” (Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science behind Our Relationship With Food, Rachel Herz W. W. Norton & Company; 1 edition, December 26, 2017)

What are Your Perceptions, Thoughts and Fears About Food?

Could it actually be that our perceptions of the food, or what we think, feel and believe about the food, are what guides, dictates, and shapes our experience with food and how we process it physiologically? This is the placebo effect working on us every time we eat. Food is not some static inorganic entity that we respond to in a logical, consistent and objective way as many suppose. Whether we recognize it, believe it or accept it or not, our subconscious beliefs, whether deliberately chosen or socially/genetically programmed are what drive all of our behaviors, actions and ultimately our reality. That includes the effect that the food we take in has on our bodies.

What if we could remove from our minds completely the tendency we have to believe that eating a particular food will automatically make us fat, unhealthy and unfit? There seems to be so much fear associated with food that is wired into us from a young age. Could it be that this programmed fear, more than the food itself, is having the greatest deleterious effect on our overall health? Could it be that “healthy” and “unhealthy” are just labels that represent more of a mindset and belief system programmed by the western world than anything?

Eating Should Feel Good

Eating healthfully should feel good, both physically and psychologically and be a pleasure inducing experience. It should not be a ‘fight,’ ‘struggle’ or constant nagging ‘battle’ or even something to fear at all. There is no need to ‘fight’ cravings or ‘deny’ delightful foods. The temptation can be great to lose sight of that feeling and focus instead on number of calories, nutrient density and fat/protein/carbohydrate content instead.

Food is meant to be enjoyed NOT worshipped, feared or banned.

Could it be that the intention with which we consume a food, whether conscious or subconscious, ultimately determines the effect of that food on our bodies not some specific physical characteristic of the food itself?

Said simpler, what you think about what you eat will determine its effect on your body more than what you eat.

The interaction of the energy and frequency of our thoughts and deep-rooted feelings and the energy of the food itself creates a dynamic force-field that effects every cell, tissue and organ of our bodies. Regardless of the source of the food, if our real belief is that food is going to provide us energy, mental clarity and make us feel good , then those beliefs and feelings have the power to change the energetic makeup of the atoms of the food itself to achieve coherent resonance with the reparative, restorative and anabolic aspects of each cell in our body.

“Don’t Eat THAT or You’ll get FAT”

Hence when your mother tells you: “You can’t eat that bowl of ice cream or that piece of cake or you will get fat,” or when you see many nutrition experts on the internet teach: “You can’t eat carbohydrates or you will get fat” this can plant beliefs about food in your subconscious mind and program your body to believe this and comply with it. Much of this happens on the subconscious level without our awareness of it.
The real truth is you have inherited many of these false food beliefs or paradigms from the culture of the day or family and peers and they are hindering your body from experiencing full freedom from any disease, sickness or deficiency more than the actual food you eat.

What if you said before every meal or snack: “I can eat whatever I want and ALWAYS maintain perfect weight, health and appearance”? What if that feeling and belief became your dominating belief about your relationship with food? What if you discarded all of the nutrition and diet advice you have ever been given and focused on the feeling of the food instead of the supposed nutrition or lack of nutrition society teaches is contained in the food?

The Secrets of the Ancients:

Could this be the great secret the ancients knew that allowed them to drink what others considered to be “deadly” poisons and not be harmed or to derive real nutritive benefit from roots, raw meat or seeds?

Could this be why some can eat potato chips and pizza all day and be thin and energetic while it doesn’t matter what others eat they seem to always get sick, feel unhealthy, overweight or lethargic?

Have you ever considered the real reason you “bless” your food or pray before a meal? While it may have degenerated into ritual formality for many, there is deep meaning behind the practice. Individuals by their focused intention and faith can literally elevate the vibrational frequency of the particles of food to transform it into exactly what the body wants and needs. Think about this the next time you sit down with your family to “bless” the food. You can bless it to be infused with life sustaining, energy imbuing, body and mind perfecting power whether it is salad or spaghetti or whatever and it will obey according to your belief. To learn more about vibrational frequencies, check out these articles: What is the law of attraction?   or What Passing Judgments About Other People is Doing to You

What to do Instead

Express thankfulness to and about the food that will invigorate and energize you. Saturate each morsel of the food with a feeling of gratitude and love. Bathe it in a belief that it will improve and change your body into a machine of achievement, health and fulfillment. When food is prepared, cooked and served with love it adds that energetic frequency to the actual food and imparts an added measure of healing to those who consume it.

When a feeling of gratitude surrounds every encounter with food and honor and respect is offered to the innate, divine intelligence in the particles of the food themselves, food will always serve the interests of your body and your health and it will be impossible to be harmed, injured or wrongfully effected in any way. You truly can eat whatever you want and maintain perfect weight, perfect health and perfect appearance. Change the way you feel and what you think about food and watch your body be naturally drawn to its perfect size, shape and healthful state.

We’ve touched upon the basics of how subconscious beliefs can ruin our best of intentions. If you want to find out what is blocking you from your dream body, it could be something as easy as identifying beliefs that were programmed into you since childhood, or that you have gained as an adult. To find out your personal beliefs about your body and how they might be holding you back from your dreams, take this quiz: