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The ONLY Permanent Detox You Need

January 28, 2019

With tons of diets, nutrition and exercise plans, and people having "success" with their weight loss goals- which is right for you?

There are so many detox diets out there it can be hard to know which one will help you out the most, if any! Click here to find out the ONLY DETOX DIET that will ever give you permanent results- this might shock you!

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What is the Real and Only Detox Solution?

Before you read this, you want to make sure you’ve read   Is a Detox Diet Really the Answer to Your Weight-Loss Woes? first. (it’s the first part of this post and will help you understand this article better.)

Now that we have discussed the underlying pretense of many of the physiologic detox diets that are popular today, what now? What do I do instead? How do I get this “toxic sludge,” this harmful accumulation of poisons and contaminants out of my body? What can I do to get back on track to a more desirable weight, a healthy body and happier and more confident self? What is the alternative? I want to address a real toxin that is infecting most of us and offer the REAL and ULTIMATE “detox” solution for better health and body appearance.

Is There Really a Magic Pill?

Central to the entire fallacious premise of the “detox” industry is that you need some special lotion, tea, smoothie or pill or your body is doomed to disease, fatigue and carrying around extra pounds the rest of your life.

What did they do 20-30 years ago when they didn’t know anything about these revolutionary diets?

The real truth is that your body already has everything it ever needs to protect itself, repair itself and achieve its own perfect weight and state of health.

Simply feeding it what it desires and needs is all that it ever needs. We could get into the value of raw, organic vegetable and protein sources as the best nutrition sources but we won’t. I could dive into all sorts of smoothie recipes and green drinks to help you out, but I won’t.

I want to address something more basic, more foundational and even more transformative than that. It is the invisible nutritional quality of thought that it is being fed our minds constantly and having a direct effect on our bodies that I want to highlight.

Your Thoughts Are Making You Fat or Unhealthy

We are a bundle of thoughts, a collection of emotions, a compilation of beliefs that affect the regulation and expression of our own DNA. These things ultimately determine much of our what we experience as reality as well as the health and appearance of our own bodies.

There is a world happening within a world in every cell of our body.

Our brains process over 400 billions bits of information every second and we are only aware of around two thousand of them.

We entertain around 60 thousand thoughts a day and are really only conscious of about 5% of them.

According to some research, as many as 98 percent of those thoughts are exactly the same as we had the day before. Even more alarming, up to 80 percent of our thoughts are negative.

Our thoughts “register themselves on the cells of our body and affect those cells in a way that harmonizes with the nature of the thoughts.” The center of operations in the cell is where thought, feeling and belief merge to form a neurochemical potpourri that develops into attitudes, which lead to behaviors, which evolve into personalities which become personal realities. At its most primitive and primal level all the physical world is a result of the nature, quality, frequency and intensity of intelligent thought.

What does this mean in English please? Your body is a reflection of your THOUGHTS!

It means that the body is an effect and a result of deeper, primal activity happening all the time in the invisible electromagnetic world of thought.

You—all of you (i.e. your body, your emotions, your relationships, your health, your finances etc.)—are what you think about all day long.

If we want to experience real lasting change then why don’t we go back to the real source of the problem? Your thoughts! You might be asking:

“Are you saying at the most basic level if I change the way I think about my body I can actually change the way my body looks?
Are you saying that by choosing and entertaining more healthy, wholesome thoughts I can actually improve my physical health, weight, size and appearance?”

That is exactly what I am saying! At a very basic neurochemical and physiologic level you ARE what you think about whether you like it or not.

The Symptoms Vs. The Root Cause

One of my biggest frustrations of about the diet and health industry is the lack of basic understanding and knowledge, or perhaps even–the deliberate concealing of it. Obesity, weight struggles, and their accompanying diseases are merely symptoms. They are the tip of the iceberg consequences of deeper, less visible processes that affect us individually and collectively on the cellular and molecular level every moment.

Nothing will ever change until we have the courage to eradicate the problem at its true source.

This does not demean attempts at healthy nutritional practices or exercise programs. They are absolutely crucial. But are they treating the symptoms of weight and bodily dysfunction or the root cause of internal thought and emotional dis-ease?

You are probably still skeptical which is okay.

Are You Feeding Yourself Venom Each Day?

If you trace the origin of all of your behaviors and actions back far enough you may discover what I myself found. Perhaps the greatest revelation I have experienced in my life is to know and see from my own life’s experiences that my thoughts create my reality and are the fulcrum on which all that I experience hinges.

There are all sorts of quick fix “metabolic reboot” type programs, a plethora of miracle pills and unending options for “lose weight fast” diets, all promising to be THE solution. But can they really help us detox from the inflammation of negativity that our cells are screaming for relief from?

The influence of negative, self-defeating, self-berating thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs is the real venom that can poison our minds, sap us of any motivation and literally beat up and wear down our bodies from the inside out.

These are much more harmful than any amount of sugar or processed food ever could be. They are venom to our bodies!  Read this for more information Your Thoughts Can Make You Fat

No smoothie, pill, exercise program, or diet can do for your body what an internal cleansing of the THOUGHTS can.

You Can Think Yourself Healthy!

An internal cleansing of destructive thought and belief patterns is the basis of all health and healing.

And as I have pointed out elsewhere, losing weight is not a purely cosmetic pursuit. It is a healing of the chronic inflammation of the cell overloaded with toxic byproducts and starved for vital nutrients that leads to weight normalization. And it is the healing of the inflammatory build up of toxic sludge of poisoning thoughts and emotions that is back of it all.

Positive, loving thoughts, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and empowering beliefs are the real superfood that nourish the cell and invigorate the body. Are you ready to experience the permanent effects of the ULTIMATE detox solution?

Here is a great place to start: How to Love Yourself in 5 Simple Steps