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Stop Trying to Be Color Blind!!!

June 9, 2020

⚠️⚠️⚠️We need to stop telling people to be color blind.

It defeats the point.

💫⭐️I would hate to be color blind.

It’s like encouraging my kids to not notice our differences.

I think our differences are important. They help us become better and more beautiful – IF we allow them too.

🌈Each and every color of the rainbow and spectrum are beautiful in their own way. 🌈

Can you imagine if all our paintings were just one color??? 🧐

If the world only had one shade of blue or green or pink? 😕

If we only spoke one language, or had one kind of meat?


We would miss out on so much.

👉I don’t think our issue is one of color. 😱

Color has become a scapegoat for judgment and rage.

🚨🚨Our biggest issue is one of not feeling comfortable with people that are different than us. 🚨🚨

We are afraid of anything or anyone outside of our comfort zone. 🤭

So, often, we refuse to see or listen to anything “out there.” And we blame “them” for our own unhappiness. 🤫

I know because I’ve done it and observed it all my life.

👉The Jews were white. So was Hitler.

👉There are Democrats and Republicans of all races and colors.

👉I was raised Mormon. I was judged based on my beliefs a lot. People made fun of me for not drinking or saying cuss words and always wearing modest clothing. I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced religious intolerance. (Mormons are even made fun of and looked down upon by other Christian religions). 😞

👉👉now that I no longer go to church many of my faithful friends don’t contact me anymore 🤷‍♀️

👉People in the LGBT community are cast out and made to feel less than from people of all different colors and cultures and religions.

We all fear the unknown. It’s in our DNA.

We are scared of people that are different than us. Maybe we think they’ll hurt us or make us “drink their koolaid” 🤪

But what I’ve learned from personal experience with opening myself up to new cultures & talking with people of all faiths and colors is this:

Our differences are what make us special. 💖

They can be something we revere rather than fear. 🙀

If we allow ourselves to truly SEE another human being regardless of how different they may appear on the outside… we learn that we all want the same things and have a lot more in common than we’d expect:


🟤to be accepted for who we are and to feel like we belong

⚫️ to have enough money to thrive and be taken care of

🟡to be free to be ourselves and feel safe and like our children are secure and protected

⚪️ to be loved regardless of our size, outward looks, how much we have in the bank, sexual preference or religious beliefs.

We all matter.

Learning to SEE and embrace both our differences and similarities and stop acting out of fear is the best way I know to heal our planet.

I don’t care what color your skin is, what religion or political party you belong too, how much you weigh or make…


I refuse to be “color-blind!!!” 😉

Telling people to be color-blind defeats the whole point. The issue of racial injustice is much more than color...