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What is Passive Income, Why is it Important, & How Can You Have it???

January 23, 2020

Want to Make Money in Your Sleep or Become a Millionaire But Don't Know How?? Read This!

Want to Make Money in Your Sleep and Learn the Secrets of the Rich?

I Had Never Heard the Words “Passive Income”

If you are anything like me, you might me new to the term “passive income.”

I grew up in a very traditional and conservative home.

I was taught that you got an education, went to college, got a good 9-5 job, worked until you retired, then got to go where you wanted and play with the money you’d acquired. Retirement sounded dreamy.

It all sounded perfectly normal and lovely.

It’s what the grand majority of the people I know and have seen in every movie and magazine ever do, and have done for generations.

I was perfectly happy and content living a normal life, until my father unexpectedly passed away just a few years before his impending retirement. That was a slap in the face to all that I’d been taught and looked forward too.

For years I’d dreamed of the day when dad would be free from his endless pursuit of making money so that he could spend quality time with me and the rest of his family. But that day never came.

I think a lot of us wait until someday or retirement to have fun and enjoy our lives.

When my dad passed, I became obsessed with becoming happy NOW and living my best life before I was robbed of the chance. (I’m not saying he didn’t live a good life, but I do believe that if given the chance, he would’ve chosen differently).

I started reading and studying everything I could find about being happy and loving life in the present moment. I was sick of waiting for someday to be happy and feel secure with my finances. I have now read/studied & applied hundreds of personal development books, written my own book, taken countless courses, attended conferences and workshops, and re-wired my mind in a way that has changed my entire life.

Reading Books Exposed me to Millionaires that Changed my Mind

What I’ve learned might surprise you, as it did me.

We don’t have to work and grind as hard as we have been taught to believe.

Books like, The 4-hour Work Week (by Tim Ferress) and Rich Dad Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki), and EntreLeadership (by Dave Ramsey)  completely changed my mind. They showed me that working smarter and not harder was the answer!

Apparently multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) experienced both worlds as a child. He learned from first-hand experience the difference between grinding with a traditional 9-5 until retirement and making massive wealth. His book is great if you are new to this thing as well.

After reading “The Millionaire Next Door” , “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”, and “Million Dollar Habits”  I started to see a pattern in the habits of the people that had made it to where I wanted to be.

They were all multi-millionaires, writing very similar things.

There is a Secret the Rich Know That Others Don’t

Rich people spend their money in much different ways than middle class or poor people.

Rich doesn’t necessarily mean making loads of money. In fact, in “The Millionaire Next Door” I learned that many doctors and lawyers are in debt and never have a net worth in the millions because of their spending habits. (I felt guilty).  When we make more, we spend more. And what we spend our money on really matters.

Assets vs. Liabilities

I learned that most people raised with a poverty or middle-class mindset spend their money on things. They buy cars, houses, jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc. to both enjoy their money or to show off what they have. They might spend as a way to feel good about themselves, etc. Things like a car and home are great to own, but they also can be considered liabilities. Meaning, they can cost us more money in the long run, if we don’t know how to purchase things that appreciate (grow) in value rather than depreciate.

Rich people, on the other hand, buy assets. These are things that grow their money.

The most important assets most rich people enjoy are those that provide passive income. Passive income is money coming to you in your sleep or while you vacation or play with your kids. Its money that grows without you having to do much if any work.  Think of things like vending machines, real estate, evergreen challenges or courses or books, Redbox, etc. These are assets that you can keep for life, hire someone to maintain, and enjoy residual profits from.

They say that most millionaires have at least 5-8 streams of income at all times. In other words, they don’t but all their eggs in one basket. They have stocks, businesses, and lots of passive income. This way if something goes bad with one source, they are still secure.

Searching for Passive Income Streams

For years now I’ve been on the prowl for passive income streams. I’ve written a book, have an online e-commerce store, and even started looking into MLMs.

I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth about network marketing or MLMS’s for years (mostly because I’d been spammed or ripped off too many times).

However, the more books about financial prosperity and abundance I read, the more I kept hearing about “network marketing” being the key to many people’s fortunes. So, I started to have a more open mind.

I listened to many friends and acquaintances give their pitch about their business opportunity. I bought (and enjoyed) many of their products, but never stuck with them because they were SO EXPENSIVE! I usually found I could be equally satisfied with a generic product I found on Amazon. But I never found one that I was WOWED by.

I wanted a product, company, CEO, and career I could be proud of and passionate about. I didn’t just want to make extra income for incomes’ sake. I wanted to make a positive impact.

I also didn’t like the idea that I had to sell things or recruit people to my team. I was of the mindset that selling was spammy and I wasn’t good at it. (that’s worth another post all on its own!).

For these reasons, I never joined an MLM. That is, until recently, when I found a brand-new company that has literally blown my mind.

The New Kid on the Block: Ibuumerang

First of all, I love the name of this company! The idea is, you throw savings out to your customers FOR FREE, and it comes back to you.

This new company:

  • has no product to sell
  • requires no customer follow-up
  • has customer amazement as it’s main focus
  • doesn’t require you to build a team in order to make massive passive income
  • allows me to GIVE savings away on things that customers are already buying without costing them a dime ever!
  • offers the same benefits as many MLM’s (comp. plan/incentive trips, events, teams of friends, advisors interested in your personal development, etc.)
  • has opened the door with travel (an $8 trillion-dollar industry) and is just getting started. Think of it as the Amazon or Uber of lifestyle (soon they’ll be adding vibe rides, boom mobile, movie theater tickets and much more ways to save)!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well it’s not. Numbers don’t lie: 

The company pre-launched in March, 2019 and then officially launched in Sept. 2019.

It has already (as of Jan, 20, 2020):

  • made it to the top 4 of momentum of all network marketing companies.
  • acquired more than 40,000 people (like me) choosing to become TSA’s (travel savings ambasssadors)
  • been named as one of the 10 fastest growing companies in the world (not just MLM’s).
  • helped more than 300,000 customers save over $76 million dollars

Want to learn more? Simply  Watch This Video  and get in touch with me!

If you’re not interested in the business opportunity but would love to be a FREE customer and enjoy up to 35% off of things like hotels, rental cars, cruises and more (for LIFE as many time as you want to use it), just go to This Link and enter the code: 162307

I LOVE to share a good thing when I find it! Giving is one of my favorite things. I’m a strong believer in getting what you put out into the world. Ibuumerang, do you???