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The Secret to Getting Along with People Who Have Different Opinions Than You

March 29, 2020



Who is right, and who is wrong?


Each of us has a unique vantage point through which we view the world.

I’d like to share a little analogy that might help you uncover the secret to getting along with others, even if you don’t agree with them.

This morning, for our family church, we went for a hike in our woods.

I found a big log and had my family form a circle around it.

For one minute, I had everyone pick ONE spot on the log to look at and get as detailed a view as they could. I asked them to memorize the colors, the shapes, the smoothness, etc.

When the minute was up, we discussed what they noticed:
“The log has mushrooms on it.”
“No it doesn’t.”
“It has a lot of green moss on the bark.”
“No, it doesn’t even have any bark.”

Then we each took a large step to our left around the circle. Then for another thirty seconds I asked them to look at the log from a different perspective.

One child said, “I stepped away, but I still looked at the same exact spot.”

Another said, “It looks the same as where I was before.”

Their sibling retorted, “no it doesn’t.”

Another said, “I can see the same things you see, mom” even though they were on the opposite side of the log. I ask that child to peek around to my side and their opinion changed. The view was totally different.

One said, “This log has ants on it.” Another said, “Nuh-uh!”

As we discussed the details from each of our vantage points, it appeared we were looking at much different logs.

Yet it was clear that we were each viewing little pieces of a greater whole. We were all RIGHT when describing the log from our point of view. Yet, when comparing the details we observed, we all held a different point of view.

Sometimes in life we see things differently than other people.

There are times when we judge them as WRONG or mental or insane. But what if we took a moment to pause and see things from their lens?

What would happen if we all took the time to listen to another’s perspective without our own personal bias or view getting in the way?

If we could just take a large step to the side to see things from a different point of view?

Some of us try to take that step, but still look at the same spot on the log. We look to the same people, places, and things for answers. But Albert Einstein said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Maybe, if we zoomed out and looked at the world as a whole…

and viewed all our fellow humans as our brothers and sisters each standing at a different spot around the circle of life…

we would see that NONE OF US IS WRONG.


We are all in this together.

United we stand, divided we fall.

So many things encourage us to compartmentalize ourselves into groups: politics, religion, cultures, race. While they can be wonderful tools to help us, often we turn them into weapons of separation. They are like the small pieces of the log- making us incapable of seeing the broader picture.

With the condition of the world today, I see this quarantine as a big wake-up call.  A chance to change for the better and to see how much we all need each other. This is our chance to zoom out and see what really matters.

We really are better together. We see things on a much deeper and broader perspective when we put all of our points of view into a collective whole and open ourselves up to new perspectives.

Times are changing. Are you willing to change with them? Are you ready to take a look at the world from a different perspective?

What about taking a good look in the mirror and into the belief systems you’ve followed your entire life?

If you have a desire to heal or change the world, you must first heal and change yourself. Sometimes all it takes for the world to become a better place, is for us to take a giant step to the side and see things from a different perspective.

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Do you know someone with really strong opinions? Do you have a hard time accepting people who see things differently than you? Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Here is a little analogy to help us get along