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The Greatest Modality to Take Your Mind & Body to Another Level

May 10, 2019
 Cold-Therapy or cryotherapy is the BEST thing I have found to help me develop six-pack-abs, optimize health and overcome limiting beliefs. #coldtherapy #cryotherapy #sixpackabs #healthandbody #loseweightfastCold therapy or cryotherapy is one of the best discoveries I have made to my personal health and fitness! #sixpackabs #optimalhealth #coldtherapy #cryotherapy

Cold-Therapy or cryotherapy is the BEST thing I have found to help me develop six-pack-abs, optimize health and overcome limiting beliefs. #coldtherapy #cryotherapy #sixpackabs #healthandbody #loseweightfast
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What can I do beyond eating well and sleeping well to give my mind and body the edge it deserves?

What other supplement, medication, modality or contraption can I take or use to give me more energy, help me feel younger and take my body and mind to another level of function and performance?

What is the REAL secret to six pack abs?

These are questions almost any health-conscious individual considers. What is the secret? What is the magic pill? What is the device? In our modern technological age we are obsessed with this question and the constantly growing over 200 billion dollar vitamin and supplement industry is proof.

I am one of those people who wants to know any secret beneficial hack it can! I have experimented with so many different supplements and modalities and 95% of them or more are quackery and work via placebo effect, if at all. Lots of advertising fluff with little to no substance.

We have an unregulated supplement industry that profits off of the ignorance and false hope of the masses looking for “quick fixes” and “give it to me now” solutions.

The Ultimate Game Changer for Body Transformation & Health

For me the real game changer was not creatine, nor any of the laughable natural testosterone or growth hormone analogues, nor any special berries or herbs or “wraps” but something much more ancient and primal: cold therapy!

I have always loved taking cold showers. Over 6 months ago I started using cold immersion therapy every morning before work and often before bed as well. The change I have noticed is phenomenal. I even stopped for a week or so to see if it really made a difference. My cells were screaming for the cold and felt deprived when I didn’t experience it.

What can cold therapy do for you? Let’s look at some scientifically proven benefits of cold therapy.

1. Reduced Inflammation:

Decades of performance and sports athletes have proven the benefits of cold therapy in reducing overall inflammation inevitably expediting recovery.

Low doses of physical stress from a cold plunge can elicit an adaptive response and strengthen your immune system by increasing white blood cells and immune cells; your bolstered immune system can then kill viruses and fight off tumor factors. (1) The forced constriction of blood vessels and lateral rewarming help remove toxic metabolites and waste products.

I personally notice a huge difference in “soreness” after intense exercise and I often feel half my age in how quickly I can recover.

2. Improved Cognitive Function:

Want to feel smarter and have greater mental clarity?

I have learned that cold therapy is like steroids to the brain. It opens up optimal function and cognitive abilities.

Science shows that it actually helps regenerate synapses and nerve cells in your body. It has also been demonstrated to increase circulating levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is the primary driver to help stimulate neurogenesis. Yes, cold exposure can literally force your body to regenerate nerve tissue and grow new brain cells!

3. Fat Loss and Spot Reduction:

The enhanced fat burning and metabolic effects of cold therapy have long been known but mostly underappreciated or utilized. Cryotherapy can increase your metabolic rate by up to 350%. (2)

Cold exposure is known to convert metabolically docile white adipose tissue (WAT) into metabolically active brown adipose tissue (BAT). This “brown fat” helps you stay warmer and burn more energy.

Cryotherapy can increase your metabolic rate by up to 350%. (3) Some of the breakthrough of the science of cold is beginning to demonstrate that spot reduction is a true phenomenon (5)

Try this every day for a month in the comfort of your own home and watch your waistline shrink and your midsection become more toned. This Fat Burning Cold Vest may be the answer to your prayers! Use the code Clark15 to get an additional 15% off already discounted prices.

4. Improved Mood:

To me even more valuable than the metabolic and fat burning effects are the psychological benefits.

After overcoming the initial mental hesitation of the cold I have never once regretted jumping in a freezing pool of water or turning the temperature down in my shower. I feel invigorated, energized and emotionally charged for the day.

Much like exercise, cold therapy has been demonstrated to be its own natural anti-depressant. It produces endorphins which desensitize you to pain and releases up to 530% more norepinephrine and 250% more dopamine. (3)

This not only helps you feel amazing and recharged but has profound effects on energy, focus, mood and sleep patterns. Friends, family and co-workers before long will wonder what you are taking or doing as you radiate so much more energy, eudemonia and vibrancy each day.

5. Inpenetrable Immune System:

Cold has been demonstrated to be a hermetic stress to the body. That is, the temporary strategic stress of the cold on the body actually has a beneficial effect in turbocharging your immune system almost forcing it as it were to adapt.

A study of over 3,000 middle aged men and women in the Netherlands demonstrated that, compared to a control group, individuals who took daily cold showers were absent 29% fewer days than those who didn’t. (4)

People at work think I am crazy for going outside in below zero temperatures time during the winter and soaking in ice water for 10 minutes every day before work. “You are going to catch a cold!” “You are going to get the flu!” they tell me. Actually, I never get sick and I believe the cold therapy is the reason.

Defy these old wives tales and take the challenge! Your immune system will become and impenetrable fortress of health and power.

So my challenge to you is to give cold therapy a 10 day trial.

Try turning the temperature down on your shower even if only for 60 seconds for 10 days in a row. And if you are really serious at increasing your energy and unmasking that beautiful six pack that has been hiding for too long under excess insulation give the cold vest a try. Here is a link to a great one: Cool Fat Burner Use the code Clark15 to get an additional 15% off already discounted prices.




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